I, Rachel Mahler, pledge to abide by the personal code of ethics I have described below. I have gained knowledge and experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. As I enter the field of public relations, I must uphold the morals and values that I have gained throughout my life. I will be striving to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between myself, my clients, and the public in my career. I will use this code of ethics as a guide for maintaining my beliefs as I enter each stage of my life. I must stay true to these morals and values for many reasons, but my leading force is my brother, Wesley. Wesley is 18 years old and has autism and epilepsy. He has taught me to appreciate the life that I have. He has shown me that no matter how different a person may be in comparison to myself, they deserve an equal amount of respect. Wesley pushes me to stay aware of the world around me and to strive to offer a welcoming environment for conversation.



Code of Ethics

  • I will be aware. It is essential to stay mindful of what is going on in the world. There is a plethora of knowledge available in today’s society that allows me to gain perspective on world events and challenges. Forming opinions on such events and staying aware of what it means to treat people with respect every day is my highest priority. 

  • I will stay respectful. Despite opposing views, it is essential to maintain respect in any given conversation. No one should be afraid to voice an opinion. I strive to create environments where discussions can be constructive in my everyday life. Both parties should walk away feeling heard and enlightened. 

  • I will maintain my personal morals and beliefs. I will always try to respect those around me; I will also expect respect from others. To receive such respect, I will stay true to myself. I will not stray from my morals and beliefs. I will always practice kindness, empathy and inclusion and maintain my view that we are all created equal. 

  • I will take responsibility for my actions. If I ever fail to stay aware, be respectful, or maintain my morals, I will take accountability for my mistakes. I will constantly strive to abide by my code of ethics. However, If I unintentionally stray, I will promptly own up to my mistakes and work never to repeat such behavior.



Diversity & Inclusion

By staying aware of our world, we can understand those who differ from ourselves. We grow from experiences and moments that stand out from our everyday norms. We are all constantly changing and developing; therefore, it is essential to adapt to our current society regarding diversity, equality, and multiculturalism. I am committed to living a life that is both inclusive and respectful. I believe that all conversations should be held with an open mind to reach a mutually beneficial decision. I will always strive to maintain such an open-minded mentality to include a diverse range of ideas and opinions in any decisions I make in the future. I respect all viewpoints, and I am open to criticism. Although I will continuously try to live respectfully, I will own up to my actions if I make a mistake. I will always take responsibility for my decisions and strive to learn more every day.