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Artist Spotlight: Gustaf Westman

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Who is he?

If his name doesn't sound familiar, you've undoubtedly seen his work. Earlier this year, his designs seemed to be flooding my Instagram feed. Maybe you've seen his “Popcorn” style tables or his “Curvy” mirror. He is taking the design world by storm and sparking interest worldwide. I love Westman's work and wanted to showcase my favorite pieces available on his website.

Gustaf Westman Objects is a Swedish-based design studio. Architect, Gustaf Westman, was born in Sweden, and his studio resides in Stockholm. Westman has a chic eye for design and plays with pastel colors, i.e., purple, pink, yellow, teal, white, and green. These soft hues cover his incredible pieces that range from mirrors of various sizes, tables of different shapes, room dividers, desks, and sideboards. I would buy everything on his website if I could.

Currently, Westman's eight different styles of "objects" include:

The prices of these objects are not available on the website. However, I have personally reached out to Westman through direct message on Instagram with a question about his Popcorn collection, and he got back to me within 24 hours. There is also the option on to file a Curvy Mirror Request and a Price Request.

Westman's designs are timeless. They hold playful energy yet add sophistication and style to any room. Thus, his objects reside in both the homes of everyday-interior design lovers and renowned influencers worldwide. Here are some of my favorite objects that have been beautifully photographed by various influencers....

Influencer @matildadjerf styled her Popcorn Mini Table next to a simple white linen sofa with a soft baby blue blanket. The table holds various books that add a touch of color to an otherwise very neutral room. She placed a couple of candles on top of the books and created a relaxing yet simplistically clean environment that would be perfect for lounging all year long.

Influencer @benetheliem showcases her Curvy Mirror in white against a barren white wall. This allows the mirror to be the room's focal point and add a touch of fun to the space. Although the room remains monochromatic, there is still a groovy flare provided by Westman's design. In my opinion, the mirror brightens up the room without even adding color.

Influence, @wuzg00d, posted a photo alongside her Curvy Mirror in green. The mirror is resting on a bare pink wall. I love the green and pink combinations, as any red tone is extremely complementary when placed near a green object. Wuzg00d has an incredible sense of style and posed in a monoaromatic, head-to-toe green outfit while taking a mirror selfie in the Curvy Mirror. This offered a very aesthetically pleasing Insta moment.

Make sure to visit and follow him on Instagram @gustafwestman and Twitter @GustafWestman.



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