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Let's Get Sustainable !

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I am always excited to learn about up-and-coming styles. However, I often find myself feeling guilty about buying pieces produced through fast fashion. So, while sticking to my go-to Scandinavian style, I researched and found three brands that use ethical and sustainable production. Nudie Jeans, House of Dagmar, Organic Basics are three great Scandinavian brands that will keep you fashion-forward and guilt-free.

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. Nudie, created for both men and women, prioritizes longevity. Their jeans, made in classic styles with comfortable silhouettes, are so high quality that you will want to keep them forever. As stated on the website, “93,8% of all the fibers used in our garments is cotton and we are proud to say that we only work with Organic, Fairtrade or Recycled cotton, as the largest environmental impact of our products is from growing the raw material” (Nudie Jeans Co). The company has been producing all organic products. Since 2019, they have been working with more recycled materials than ever before. Currently, they are striving towards the goal of working with 100% sustainable materials. Take any pair of their jeans and pair them with a chunky cable-knit sweater, an overcoat, and chunky boots or loafers for a classic and causal look. For women, my favorite style is the Straight Sally Everblack. For men, I love the Sleepy Sixten Celestial Orange. All styles come in a variety of washes.

Dagmar is a beautiful brand filled with pieces that display stunning detail and craftsmanship. Similar to Nudie Jeans, the brand values longevity. They understand that quality pieces will maintain desirability year after year. They also strongly believe in Design and Ethics. They state, “We aspire to create classical pieces with character, so that women wearing them always feel empowered and easily can combine different pieces from different collections together” (House of Dagmar). It is essential to the band that customers are aware of the materials they are receiving. Ethically, they show they care for their customers by continually striving to provide proper care instructions. They work with “Certified viscose, organic cotton, friendly fur, mulesing-free merino wool, recycled polyester, chrome-free leather, lyocell fibers and eco-regenerated cashmere” (House of Dagmar). They include a label entitled "Good Choice" on all of their clothing that is ethically produced. Some of my favorite Good Choice pieces are the Remi Turtleneck, the Jennifer Top new season, and the Shiloh pants new season. All of their pieces can be dressed up or down due to their classic yet unique style.

Remi Turtleneck (113.73 USD)

This brand carries the epitome of comfy basics. From comfy tees, leggings, dresses, socks, and undies…they have it all! Available for both men and women, the brand is inclusive and holds high sustainability standards. In 2019, they analyzed their environmental impact. They saved 82 tons in CO2 emissions, 3,147,625 liters of water, and 1.5 tons in economic savings. They are a great example of how sustainability does not always have to increase expenses. They have recently incorporated new materials into their clothing. The website states, “Last year we expanded our product selection with two new low impact materials. Firstly, a new underwear baselayer collection made with TENCEL™ lyocell. Secondly, a winter accessories range made with recycled cashmere” (Organic Basics). For women, my favorite piece from the brand is TENCEL™ Lite Bralette. For men, my favorite deal is the Organic Cotton Complete Pack. Organic Basics offers several package deals to get multiple items in one purchase for a discounted price.


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