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4 Must-Have Scandinavian Trends for Fall 2020/2021

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Scandinavian Fashion is a hot topic entering 2021. If like me, you are constantly browsing social media looking for fashion inspiration, you have probably seen Scandinavian trends all over your feed. Scandinavian fashion is known for its simplicity, elegance, and functionality. I'm going to be showing you the top four Scandinavian trends heading into fall. These pieces are all easily accessible and will a sleek style to your closet.

1. Vests

(Photo from Instagram: @sofiamcoelho)

Vests are making a comeback. Thick fabrics offer a cozy, luxurious vibe going into fall. These vests can either be layered over a turtleneck, an oversized collared blouse, or worn independently. When styling for a day on the town, try placing a neutral-colored vest over a fun colored blouse. Add your favorite pair of jeans, a chunky bag, and your most comfortable booties. Finish the look off with your everyday jewelry and your most flattering sunglasses. This simple street-style look will make you look effortlessly chic and incredibly on-trend.

Where To Find: Vests are an incredibly easy piece to find. You can find fantastic vests at your local thrift store, as older generations often donate them due to their popularity in the 1970s. You can also find similar vests from brands such as House of Sunny and Free People.

House of Sunny (£87.00)

Free People ($98.00)

2. Oversized Textured Coats

(Photo from Instagram: @mvb)

Large textured coats, of all kinds, are a must-have this fall/winter. Quilted coats are a huge Scandinavian staple. From long coats to short puffy coats, take your pick. This warm, puffy, and oversized look offers texture to any outfit. A variety of textures makes an outfit look multi-dimensional. This, in turn, will make it look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit when in reality, you put it together in minutes! Styling a coat is incredibly easy. Take this as an opportunity to stay comfortable while looking chic. Throw on your favorite monochromatic sweatpants and hoodie, then add chunky jewelry to dress up the look. Add your favorite pair of sneakers and finish it off with your chunky coat.

Where To Find: Oversized textured coats are very easy to find heading into winter. Again, local thrift stores are an excellent source for finding such pieces. Additionally, Zara consistently has beautiful coats for reasonable prices. If you are looking for a more luxurious coat, check out GANNI, a Scandinavian brand with high-quality pieces.

Zara ($69.90)

GANNI ($525.00)

3. Blazers and Small Tops

(Photo from Instagram: @matildadjerf)

This is a trend that is versatile year-round. Heading into fall, wearing small bra-style tops with an oversized blazer allows you to show some skin while remaining elegant. This trend works best in warmer climates but can always be layered under a larger coat. While styling, try finding a knit bra top. This brings in the warm fall aesthetic while still showing more skin than a typical sweater would allow. Next, find a slouchy blazer. Choosing a slouchy blazer over a structured blazer delivers a more laid-back feel. Pair this with your favorite pair of trousers or jeans, add a neutral shoulder bag, and finish the look with your favorite pair of sneakers or loafers.

Where To Find: Almost every brand has released a line of blazers. This is incredibly convenient and offers a wide range of choices. Some affordable brands include Missguided and Zara. Revolve offers a wide range of blazers as well, their inventory is packed full of almost every brand you can think of, and they currently have around 170 different blazers in stock. Bra tops can also be found almost anywhere. Urban Outfitters has a vast selection that comes in all different shades and sizes.

Missguided ($26.00)

Zara ($89.90)

Revolve ($248.00)

Urban Outfitters ($20.00)

4. Vibrant Colors

(Photo from Instagram: @maryljean)

Typically, many assume they must stick to the stereotypical fall color pallet (i.e., maroon, beige, black, and gray). However, following Scandinavian inspiration, this year, new colors are being added to the mix. Vibrant hues of burnt orange and celery green contain the earthy tones of Fall but add some fun to your wardrobe. Try adding a green sweater vest into your closet and maybe an orange dress or two. While styling, choose a vibrant piece and keep the rest of the outfit simple. Take your celery green vest and pair it with a monochromatic blazer and a pair of trousers. If you’re styling an outfit for a fun night out during Fall, take a burnt orange dress and pair it with some chunky brown boots. Throw a blazer or coat over the dress, pair it with your favorite accessories, and you’re good to go!

Where to find:House of Sunny has a wildly popular celery green sweater vest in their latest collection. This vest gives off 1960s vibes while sticking to our modern trends. The brand With Jéan has beautiful dresses that work great for both Summer and Fall. They have a striking burnt orange dress and are sure to release more perfect pieces for Fall.

House of Sunny (£87.00)

With Jéan ($219.00)



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One of my goals during quarantine was actually to revamp my style, so I found your blog to be extremely interesting. I was not familiar with Scandinavian fashion, but I’ve seen some videos on TikTok that actually include some of the pieces you discussed. As of now, I have achieved a new style in terms of summer clothing, and I will definitely use your recommendations as I shop for new pieces in my fall and winter wardrobe. I also love how you provide links to different stores where these pieces could be purchased. I have never heard of stores like House of Sunny or With Jéan, but now I need to browse their websites and see their clothing. Zara is…

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