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Scandi Trends On A Budget

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Do you love Scandinavian fashion trends? Do you dream of being simplistic, elegant, and sophisticated? Yet, do you find yourself conflicted between breaking the bank and adding that stunning new coat to your closet? Here are three easy tips on how to fill your wardrobe with the hottest Scandi trends while maintaining a reasonable budget.

Thrift! Thrift! Thrift!

Don't be afraid of thrift shops. Although there may be a plethora of items you don't personally feel could work in your closest, don't be discouraged. Enter the store with an open mind. Go down each isle and pick up pieces that push you out of your comfort zone. Thrift stores are an excellent source for the oh-so-coveted vintage blouse this fall. Look for silky textures and fun patterns. Although Scandinavian fashion is typically known for its simplicity, this year's 60's inspired designs are making a comeback. Look for blouses you think your grandmother may wear. Vintage, retro blouses can easily be transitioned through both the summer and winter months if paired underneath a chunky coat. will keep you looking fashion-forward and eclectic.

Don't forget about online thrifting as well. Apps such as Depop and Poshmark offer more second-hand options than you could ever imagine. You can even search for specific styles and price ranges to minimize your shopping time.

Photo from Instagram: @maryljean

Photo from Instagram: @hoskelsa

Photo from Instagram: @matildadjerf

Follow Social Media Influencers

Scandinavian style is a hot trend right now. Instagram Influencers such as Matilda Djerf, Emma Leger, and Delaney Childs often adapt these trends into their wardrobe. As they post photos of their everyday outfits, they usually tag the brand or designer to fill in their followers on where to shop. This can be helpful for both shopping and inspiration. By viewing an influencer's posts, you are collecting ideas on how to create your Scandinavian inspired style. To find ways to save money, check each influencer's Instagram posts and highlights. Here you may find some promotional codes that will typically offer 10-20% off of your order. When online shopping, add these codes to your basket at checkout and save!

Photo from Instagram: @matildadjerf

Photo from Instagram: @emmaleger

Photo from Instagram: @delaneychilds

Think High Street

Scandinavian style is closely associated with rich fabrics and luxury, typically accompanied by a high price tag. However, this is not always the case. High street stores, such as Zara, mimic luxury brands and deliver items that follow all the high-fashion European trends. Visit their website and search for items such as sweater vests, loose-fitting trousers, chunky coats, and oversized silky blouses. Zara has excellent basics that stay true to classic Scandinavian style. The Nordic countries have also shown great passion for sustainability, and Zara is now offering a new sustainable collection entitled Join Life. Join Life is a line that keeps in mind the importance of conservering water, biodiversity, the climate, recycling, raw materials, and the harmful effects of plastic. This collection provides you with the opportunity to find great, affordable styles while still being mindful of our ongoing climate crisis. You can find more information about this collection at

Zara: Ribbed Knit Vest ($39.90)

Zara: Straight Leg Pants ($69.90)

Zara: Wool Blend Plaid Coat ($199.00)

Zara: Knotted Satin Effect Blouse (49.90)


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